October 19, 2020

15 reasons why having a website is crucial for businesses

If you run a business, you will surely have asked yourself, do I need a website? Do I need to get in touch with a website design company? A website allows you to improve communication with your customers, in an organic way. Potential customers will also be able to find your business using search engines, which will lead to higher sales. Well, let’s talk about it.

1. Your competitors are stealing your market share

This is one of the most ignored reasons, and also the most important about why every small business needs to have a website. For this reason, it ranked #1 on our list.

Unless you feel happy seeing how your competition steals customers without you doing anything about it, the truth is you need a website. If you don’t have it, you’re essentially giving up money that could have been yours. Having a website design company create a website for your business, helps you to remain competitive in the modern market, and you can give rivals a better contest for the market!

2. You will formalize your business communications on the internet

When you buy a web page, at least you will be acquiring a web domain (www.yourcompany.com), which will be the address of your company on the internet. Also, you get hosting, where all the information related to that domain will be stored. And from the moment you have a web domain and hosting, you have the possibility to create business email accounts (yourname@yourcompany.com).

You may be wondering why we should use a business email address? First of all, because of the presence, since it is not the same to contact a potential customer from our sales_my_company@hotmail.com email than to do it with sales@mycompany.co.za. Believe it or not, an email like sales@mycompany.co.za increases the probability of selling, because it gives the customer more confidence when hiring a service or buying a product. Another advantage of having a business email is that you can differentiate the information that arrives in your personal email, from the one that arrives at your business. Since it is not advisable to receive all the messages in a single inbox.

Additionally, a business email will help you capture traffic to your web page, since the extension of it (@mycompany.co.za) is just the address of your website, and this will be in view of all the people with whom you exchange information with via email.

3. There are people who are looking for what your business offers

The internet is usually one of the first places people go to when they are looking for specific goods or services. Google alone manages more than five thousand six hundred million searches EVERYDAY. If you don’t have a website, your business can never be found by people who are looking for what you offer. This means that your business will remain anonymous in front of many people who need what you have.

4. Word of mouth advertising may not be enough

If a client wishes to recommend you with their friends, they may not have your contact information at hand, and can only provide the name of your business. If their friends were really interested in what you offer, they will most likely then search your business through a search engine. But if you have not got a website design company to create a website for your business, you will never appear in the search results. Nor can you present detailed information about your products with the professionalism you would like to do.

5. Show your experience

A website is an excellent way to demonstrate the experience you have in your field of action. Regardless of the type of business you own, you could present a client portfolio that supports the quality of the products you offer.

For example; if you owned a consulting business, you could submit detailed information on the qualifications you have received in your niche, and even submit links to academic websites or peer-given qualifications to affirm that you are qualified to provide the services you offer.

6. Websites are always open

Unlike a business that operates in a physical location , which opens and closes at certain times, a website is available 24/7 365 days a year. This means that your business website will work for you during the day and night no matter what time it is.


7. Your business will look more professional and modern

Like it or not, the world has moved into a digital era where people are always connected to a global network. As a result, most people expect a business to have a network presence. Businesses that do not have a website can be viewed as outdated. They also lose the opportunity to connect with younger audiences who may be interested in acquiring the goods and/or services they offer.

8. People do most their research online

Did you know that 82% of people, whenever they want to make a purchase, research the market first through internet search engines? They also usually compare the different companies, to finally choose the option that best meets their needs. The only way you can have the opportunity to be taken into account by these people is to make sure that your business has a website that can be found at that time.

9. You will offer your products to a much larger market segment

While this may not apply to all types of businesses, virtual stores (especially) will allow you to offer your products to a much wider market segment, allowing you to even open your operations in international markets. By having the ability to cover more customers, the probability that your sales increase is significantly higher.

10. Discover what your customers want most

With a website design company creating the perfect website for your business, you can discover what attracts the most attention to your clients within your offer. Thanks to the fact that you will have tools that will analyse the traffic that occurs in it. By looking at the statistics provided by tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console, you will discover which are the most popular content or product sections of your offer. This will allow you to concentrate efforts on promoting the most striking goods and services, and identify which items need to be improved.

11. Social networks are not the same as a website

Some business owners feel that having a presence on social networks is the same as having a website of their own. While it is true that having a presence on social networks is definitely a good thing, these platforms are not the best place to be if you want people to find you when they look for a product you offer.

Social networks are an excellent tool to advertise, but a website should be the central command of your company’s presence on the internet. Since that is the only place where you can present your business information in the most professional way. This is especially important if you offer services locally.

12. Organic reach is shrinking in social networks

Another reason you should consider when deciding to invest in a website is that the

Organic reach on social networks has decreased significantly. The days when your business could quickly build a community around your brand, and acquire free web traffic, have come to an end.

A well-designed website will help you connect at the time you need it most, to local users who are looking for the goods and/or services you offer. This is something in which social networks can never help you. For this reason businesses must be more proactive when trying to connect with their target audience.


Let’s say you have a website design company called “Beans Website Design”. People will be able to find you on Facebook if they search directly for your business name “within Facebook”, or if they discover you when a friend of them shares your fan page or gives a rating to your company.

Similarly, people can find your company’s fan page using a search engine as long as they type “Beans Website Design.”

But what would happen if a local customer has an emergency and is looking for “24-hour website design services in Alberton”, or “web design emergencies in Alberton”? If you only have a presence in social networks, this local customer will never find your business. But if you have a website where your services are published highlighting attributes such as “emergency website design assistance 24 hours a day in Alberton”, the probability that your business appears in the search results will be high.

12.1 Not all people use social networks

Another reason why you should not rely on social networks only is that not everyone uses them.

13. Most people will visit your website first, before visiting the physical facilities of your business

Most business owners do not think twice when it comes to investing large sums of money to make their office or physical store look amazing. For them the importance of having a front desk, or a reception, is crucial. What they ignore are website design companies who could design their store online. What does this mean? Well, it means that your website is the most important reception of your business!

14. You can submit testimonials 

If your business has happy clients, you could request that a specific section be added to your website to present the qualifications that these clients give to the experiences they have had with your goods and/or services. These ratings, such as testimonials, will be an argument that will help you convince your potential clients that they should do business with you, rather than with any other.

15. Low cost

While you need several costs for developing a website, the long-term gains will far exceed the initial payment you make.

It is necessary to invest money to be able to earn money.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest a fortune to be able to develop a professional website for your business. But the truth is that if you do not develop one, you will be excluding yourself from many new and exciting business opportunities. If you choose a good website design company, it will allow you to earn more money in the long term.

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