December 2, 2020

A 2021 guide to get more business from your website

So you got your company website live on the internet, but that website doesn’t mean much. How many people have stumbled on it? Does anybody want to do business with you based on what they see on your website?

What if the website design is not attractive? Maybe it’s driving business away. One look and your visitors say “Ugh!” The remedy is to do away with common website mistakes. Aim to make your website an effective marketing tool.

Who designed your company website?

First things first. Why did you decide to get a website done? Was it because people asked if your business had a website? Did customers want to know if you had a website, and the answer was an embarrassing? No.’ Maybe you met a business owner whose business has a website. How much did you pay for the website design? Or did you design it yourself?

So your website did not turn out to be a hot cake. Traffic to your website is hardly noticeable. And time is running out! Your website hasn’t turned out to be the ultimate marketing tool. There’s not one sale you could attribute to the website. Why? What should be done?

Remedies to make your website click

Let’s look at some remedies. Those which can drive traffic to your website and keep it steady, day after day. Here are some tips. A list of them, actually. Some people would call them “best practices” that businesses follow to get the most out of their websites. You should be part of this happy circle.

To start, your website design must look professional. The graphics, do they convey professionalism? How well do they convey the point you want conveyed? Take a look at the fonts, the font sizes and the font colours. Do they jar?

The photos should not be stretched or squeezed. Do away with elements that are blinking, scrolling or going around in circles. Also, do away with too many different type styles of headlines and body copy. Background graphics should not come in the way of reading the text and make sure the text is aligned properly.

First impressions count

Like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions count. So don’t let the first impression be the worst impression. A good website design is a must. The professionalism should be consistent and maintained throughout.

Two, your company name should not be the website title. All websites have a title bar. Do not be tempted to put your company name on this bar. It’s a bad idea. Unless, of course, if your company name has a keyword or phrase. Search engines latch on to keywords and key phrases. A web-surfer should be searching for the keyword on your website. Choose your website title wisely.

Think ‘search engines’ to increase traffic

Three, don’t make photos alone your website’s calling card. Worse, a single photo! Or an old flash presentation! Search engines hog text. They want text. So, give them text.

Four, put the focus on your homepage and product or services pages on the interests of your target customers. Do not be tempted to make yourself the centre of attraction on your website. Customers go to your website to know what you are selling and whether that is what they want to buy.

Pique interest with standout headlines

Grab eyeballs and attention with a headline that speaks of benefits to the customers. Make it a clear and simple headline. Use straightforward words so everyone understands. If you run a stationery shop, you could headline with “Pencils sharpen your life.”

The idea should be to pique interest in your company and your products or services. Create additional information to link to from your homepage. Allowing users to click and move to another attractively design page packed with information.

Get customers on your mailing list

Try getting customers to interact with you via your website. The idea is to keep them interested by keeping in contact with them. You can do this by offering free newsletters, a special report on what you are selling, discounts, things like that.

But don’t clutter the page. Keep images and product information distinct and clearly apart. Visitors shouldn’t be discouraged or driven away by clutter and confusion.

The trick is to put a few pictures of your company’s best-selling products, the ones that are representative, on the homepage. Add links to the other products you sell. Break down y our pages into categories.

Give supporting information

See to it that graphic sizes do not take time to load. Visitors may get put off by the delay and move on. Use smaller pictures on your homepage so that they load faster. Add a link to tale the customer to another page for details and bigger pictures.

Make the website design such that browsers who stumble on it go on to become customers. You can do this by giving loads of supporting information on what you are selling. By the way, adding reviews and testimonials on the pages also helps.

Place the “Buy Now” or “Call Now” button on the page

And while on attracting customers and increasing traffic, don’t forget to make the process of placing an order or contacting you a piece of cake! Look after your website visitors. They should get the feeling that their time is valued. Make sure there is a call to action button on your page and that it’s easily seen.

In conclusion

Lastly, don’t forget to push in your company’s website link in all your social media profiles and other places on the internet. Tagging and linking with other businesses will also increase traffic. The 2020 guide to get more business from your website depends largely on how professional, informational and attractive your website design is.

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