June 20, 2018

Considering a Website Redesign? Ask yourself these questions

  • 1. Are my products or services changing?
  • 2. How good is my traffic and is it being analysed?
  • 3. Can users find what they are looking for?
  • 4. Is my website responsive?
  • 5. Does it truly reflect my brand and where its going?
  • 6. Is my website visually appealing?
  • 7. Is my site secure?
  • 8. Is my site speed good?
  • 9. How accessible is my contact details?
  • 10. How much content do I have and is it all relevant?

Are my services or products changing?

If your services or products are drastically changing, or you are adding new ones, you might consider a website redesign to support the new additions.

How good is my traffic and is it being analysed? 

It is important to make sure your site is being tracked by Google Analytics so you can see what type of traffic reaches your website. If you are not receiving a lot of traffic it could be due to disqualified traffic meaning your visitors bounce off your website immediately or spend less that 12 seconds there.

That traffic can be caused from poor quality keywords which are keywords that don’t show correctly what your business is about or what it’s services are. Some of these keywords might even be irrelevant and have no relation to your business. It is important to study your visitors and make sure your information is as clear as possible.

Can users find what they are looking for?

Visitors must be able to find content quickly and easily without having to dig for it. The design of the navigation will make the site visitor decide whether to stay and take action or leave. Everything on a page needs to have purpose and be designed with usability in mind.

Is my website responsive?

If your site isn’t responsive it is going to affect your mobile user experience, a lot more people are using mobiles to search what they are looking for so it is vital that your website on mobile and other devices work as well and look as good. A responsive website is also necessary to rank better in the search results.

Does it truly affect my brand and where its going?

Your website is an extension of who you are as a company, and should ultimately reflect your brand strategy. Your business is always growing and changing and your website should reflect that.

Branding gets you recognized, sets you apart from your competitors, tells people what you do and why. Keep focused on your mission and goals for your company and incorporate that into your website.

Is my website visually appealing?

Although usability and functionality is the most important aspect of your website, design is just as important to keep your visitors on your site. Visual appeal is what meets the eye. Its the colours, fonts, shapes, white spaces, and overall visual balance of a design. You have to create a good first impression. Once a website has made a negative first impression, chances are the visitors won’t enjoy the website as much or return to the website.

Is my site secure?

Not only does Google care about a secure site, but with the number of internet hacks, you should too. If your site is not hosted with a reliable partner, your site might be vulnerable.

Is my site speed on par?

Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or lack of performance. If your site isn’t loaded within seconds, visitors tend to abandon the site. This means you are not only losing your current visitors but also new potential visitors.

How accessible is my contact details?

A contact page is not always necessary but you need to make sure a dedicated area on your website is reserved for your contact details. Visitors want to find your contact details easily without having to go look for it.

How much content do I have and is it all relevant?

Your content on your services and products needs to be in detail and focus on the questions and concerns of your target market. Irrelevant content is not inconvenient and will drive visitors away.

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