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Have you noticed the word “ad” next to the first few results on a Google search? Well, that’s because those people paid to be there through Google Ads. Google Ads is an online advertising platform created by Google, where advertisers pay to display advertisements. The more popular the keyword the more expensive the pay per click is. Keyword research is necessary to make sure you show up for the correct keywords relating to your business. You are guaranteed to come up on Google, either at the top or bottom of a page, depending on how much you are paying per click on your ad.

You can modify your ads anytime to reach a specific group of people or promote a specific deal or product. This is a fabulous resource for companies who can’t frequently update their SEO (search engine optimization) to reflect sales, promotions, or seasonal changes to their offerings. Google Ads can help businesses of all sizes grab attention online when people are searching for their type of business. How often do you click through the second results page on Google to find what you’re looking for? Just about never, right? So, that’s why it’s important to get on that first page. You can do it! (with our help and a little bit of money.)

How it works

When someone searches something on Google (or Googles something as the youths are saying), Google runs a blind auction between all the advertisers who want to come up as a result from the keywords that you searched. Although, the advertisers willing to pay the most amount of money for the click have the best chance of winning the auction and showing up as the first search result, the highest bid is not the guaranteed winner. Google also evaluates how much authority you have to bid on that keyword. I.e. if your website will be useful to what the searcher is actually looking for. That means, that if you are bidding on a keyword that your website has the most authority to, you can pay less for that keyword due to the popularity of your ad.

Only pay for ads that pay off

Look, it’s you. There you are. You can see your ad displayed on Google. That must mean you’re paying every time that ad comes up. Well, no, not actually. You don’t pay for your ad to be displayed on Google. You only pay when someone clicks your ad or calls your business. As for how much you want to spend on your ads, that’s up to you, but we can work with you to create a budget for your Google advertising.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google AdWords helps increase traffic to your website by reaching users who are searching for a business like yours. Ranking on the first page of Google organically takes time, perseverance, and patience. Probably, time, perseverance, and patience that you don’t have. That’s why we encourage you to use Google Ads. Paid rankings can appear almost instantly.

You get seriously valuable outcomes from a Google AdWords campaign, which will help to grow your business.

  • Adwords works faster than SEO
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Measure performance
  • Remarketing
  • Tackle competition
  • User demographics
  • Measurable and optimisable

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