June 18, 2018

Principles of a good website

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1. Content and Usability 

Your site not only needs to look good but also needs to have visual hierarchy, in other words it needs to be in order. The most important content needs to be at the top of your page and should be viewed first to let your visitors know immediately what you are offering. Not only must your information be available to your visitors, it must be easily accessible. Content should always reflect your keyword strategy, incorporating your keywords in your content will help visitors find you on Google. Your content also needs to make sense and be relevant, irrelevant content will drive visitors away.

2. Design 

Creating a beautiful, unique website is the first step in earning new customers and keeping your visitors on your site. Your website needs to be visually inviting. Your colour schemes, fonts, headings and layout need to all come together to form a good looking website and keep visitors scrolling through your page. Your links and URLS must be well thought of and linked to all the correct pages or posts.

3. Functionality

A good navigation system for your website is crucial. If your website doesn’t do what its supposed to, no amount of content and design will make up for it. A navigation structure involves thinking ahead and planning a flowchart which organizes how you are going to guide visitors through your pages. Your website must be responsive to ensure an optimal user experience, it must be tested on different gadgets. Your site also needs to be tested for speed, quick loading sites are necessary to keep visitors on your site.

4. SEO

Your site needs to be visible for search engines from the very beginning so that they start indexing it right away. Incorporating all your keywords in your content, optimizing images, creating sitemaps, setting up permalinks and metadata, configuring SEO page and post titles are just the start to setting up a good SEO.

5. Backup & Security 

Before sending your site off into the world you have to make sure it is safe and secure. A backup of your website is mandatory, installing anti-spam will help your site be safe if you get lots of traffic as well as implementing login protection to keep your site safe. Most importantly your site needs to have a SSL Certificate to prevent hacking and to gain trust from your visitors.

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