Website Design Terms

Please note by using Xalt Agency’s website design services you agree to our terms.

1. Fees

Once the client accepts our quote, a deposit of 50% is required to begin the project. The other 50% is required once the project is complete in order to take it live or to hand over project materials. 

2. Information

All content, images, videos, links, and any other details to be displayed on the website must be provided by the client. Your project deadline may be behind schedule if all information is not provided in time.

3. First Review

The client will be able to review the website and has 5 working days to review and request changes.

4. Final Review

Once the website is completed, the client will have 7 working days to review and request changes.

5. Additional Requests

Any additional requests will be quoted separately.

6. Non – Payment

The final 50% invoice for the website must be paid within 30 days. Payment received after that will result in an additional 10% of the website fee.

7. Design Credit

Client agrees to Xalt displaying the clients website on Xalt’s portfolio. The client also agrees to Xalt websites link being displayed on the clients website in small text.

8. Domain Names

Xalt may purchase domain names on behalf of the client but it is up to the client to may yearly payments for their domain name. If a late payment or no payment occurs, Xalt cannot be liable for the loss or cancellation of the clients domain.

9. Maintenance 

Should the client wish to host with another provider, Xalt will not be held liable for any damage, loss or breakage of the website.

10. Themes and Plugins 

Xalt builds their websites using WordPress and third party plugins that are reliable companies. Although these companies are trustworthy, we are not responsible for any damaged themes or plugins we have no control over.

11. Outdated Websites

If the client wishes to host their own website and it is not being updated consistently, we cannot be held responsible for the clients website breaking or not working due to the fact that it is not up to date.

12. Website Completion 

All websites must be completed within 5 months from the initial confirmation.



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