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Website design is a process of tasks to create and build a website that is visually appealing, many different parts have to come together. The process includes; web design, graphic design, web content, hyperlinks, configuration, network security and many other tasks to bring together a functional website. In a continually advancing digital world, the need to translate amazing designs into a usable, functional website has never been higher.

Today, with customers’ attention spans growing progressively shorter, it now takes much more to keep their attention. In order to stand out from your competitors and get the edge with customers, great design and functional working websites are key. How that design is executed is very important in your business’s ultimate success. Having your digital experience guided by an expert designer with deep technical knowledge will greatly increase the success rate of delivering a solution that is true to your vision.

A website is your business’s home on the internet; it is where people can learn all about your brand, products, services and culture. Visitors to your website should be able to navigate and interact easily with it. Bringing them back again and again by providing simple and clear navigation, creating a consistent layout, presenting relevant content as well as making sure it is visually engaging.

Our Approach to web design

Step 1: Identifying the problem

Our team works together to create what you need and want, we accomplish this by asking important questions to gain an understanding of your business, target market, competitors as well as your goals, timeline, content requirements, design and much more to put together the ideal website for you. It is important to us that we collect as much information as possible.

Step 2: Planning

Once we have discussed everything with you, done our research and gathered as much information as possible, we begin the process of planning the layout of your website, this includes;

  • Creating a sitemap – Which is essentially an outline of the structure of the pages that will make up your website. List of main categories, sub-categories and plan a consistent easy to understand navigation.
  • Review existing web content – Knowing what content is important to use and how much content will be used, as well as make changes to your content if need be. Content is the heart of any website. It will let both users and search engines know what your site is about.
  • Create an SEO strategy – Together with your content we plan your keywords and come up with the best solutions for your on page SEO.

Step 3: Website Design

This step is all about web design. Starting with elements such as the header, widgets, navigation, colour schemes, pictures, ect; Seeing page layouts with content and photos along with logos and colour schemes will bring our vision together.

Step 4: Website Development

Once the design work is done, it’s time to develop the website furthermore. All the graphic elements will come together to create the actual functional site such as; refining the content, adjusting pictures, links, contact forms and everything else your website needs to be user friendly and functional.

Step 5: Testing

Once the website design and development work is done. We need to make sure that your website is practical, useful, user friendly and functional in all other aspects. If your website doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, no amount of content and design will make up for it. Here we will make sure that all links and navigation on your website point to where it should, all coding is accurate and not causing interference, confirm the website is easy to navigate as well as verify if the website is responsive on all devices.

Step 6: Launch

When the website is all done and thoroughly tested, and you are happy with the site. It is finally time to take it live with your domain name.

Text 7: Support

Our job does not stop when your website goes live. We can host and maintain your website, completing backups and updates and ensuring a safe secure hosting environment. We also implement Google analytics and Google Search Console, tracking your website analytics for you. See our hosting packages » Website Hosting

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