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Website Hosting is the action of providing technologies and services that allow individuals and businesses to make their website visible via the internet. In order to have your website online, you need a website host server. The web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to devices connected to the internet. A domain name is either given to the web hosting company already or one is made for you, which needs to be bought in order for you to use it. You will then own that domain name.

A web host can have anywhere from one to various computers that run website hosting software such as Apache, Linux, MySQL and PHP. Some websites are accessed from “shared host” which is a single computer hosting several websites. Other websites use a “dedicated host” which is a single computer that hosts only one website, this is more for sites with extremely high amounts of traffic. A web host that offers good technical support, no downtime, updates, backups and cares for your website is website hosting you can trust.

We go above and beyond to provide true service, putting our customers first always. We care about your business and looking after your website as if it were our own. We want our users to rest easy knowing their website is in good hands. Providing a stable and secured hosting environment and guarantee our hosting will deliver fast speed and reliability.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

SSL certificate icon - website hosting

SSL Certificate

Locking your site keeping
it safe and secure.

Backups icon

Regular Backups

Always backing up your site
guaranteeing no data loss.

Noe down time icon

No Down Time

No bugs or spam
ensuring fast loading.

Support for website hosting


Reliable support by experts,
helping you whenever you need.

Editing icon


Can add or remove anything
on your site at any time.

Speed icon


SSD disk for efficiency
and site speed.

Updates icon


Your website will always be updated
preventing malfunction.

Updates icon


Monitor and track your
website performance.

Staging icon


Easy testing and changes
made without hassle.

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