A 2021 Guide To Get More Business From Your Website

A 2021 guide to get more business from your website

So you got your company website live on the internet, but that website doesn’t mean much. How many people have stumbled on it? Does anybody want to do business with you based on what they see on your website?

What if the website design is not attractive? Maybe it’s driving business away. One look and your visitors say “Ugh!” The remedy is to do away with common website mistakes. Aim to make your website an effective marketing tool.

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12 Essential features every business website needs

12 Essential features every business website needs

Website development is a fairly common procedure that is being undertaken by hundreds and thousands of businesses and blog enthusiasts everyday. Many people who access the internet regularly say they can tell the difference between a good and bad website at a glance. This is a problematic aspect of online businesses. The image transmitted by your website can make or break your brand and attract or repel customers and prospects.

Most users subjectively judge the quality of a domain. Good webmasters are aware of this factor and do their job objectively to avoid bias.

Some of the essential features that every business website needs are:

1. The objective of the website

What is the purpose of your site? Users should be able to answer this question immediately when they get to your homepage. Generally, the purpose of a website is any or all of the following:

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15 Reasons why having a website is crucial for businesses

15 reasons why having a website is crucial for businesses

If you run a business, you will surely have asked yourself, do I need a website? Do I need to get in touch with a website design company? A website allows you to improve communication with your customers, in an organic way. Potential customers will also be able to find your business using search engines, which will lead to higher sales. Well, let’s talk about it.

1. Your competitors are stealing your market share

This is one of the most ignored reasons, and also the most important about why every small business needs to have a website. For this reason, it ranked #1 on our list.

Unless you feel happy seeing how your competition steals customers without you doing anything about it, the truth is you need a website. If you don’t have it, you’re essentially giving up money that could have been yours. Having a website design company create a website for your business, helps you to remain competitive in the modern market, and you can give rivals a better contest for the market!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization refers to a website getting traffic from a search engine organically. Meaning you did not pay to rank that position, you rank naturally by optimizing your website in various ways.

What does Google do?

Search Engines like Google consist of: a spider, an index and an algorithm. A spider crawls through your website and follows the links on your website; it saves your pages in a database called the index. This index is updated every time the spider goes back to your website. After indexing your website Google can now display it the search result. Google has a particular algorithm that decides which pages it will show and in what order. Nobody knows what this algorithm is but what we do know is that Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

A spider crawling a webpage and storing the pages in a database explaining SEO
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Considering a website redesign? Ask yourself these questions.

Considering a Website Redesign? Ask yourself these questions

  • 1. Are my products or services changing?
  • 2. How good is my traffic and is it being analysed?
  • 3. Can users find what they are looking for?
  • 4. Is my website responsive?
  • 5. Does it truly reflect my brand and where its going?
  • 6. Is my website visually appealing?
  • 7. Is my site secure?
  • 8. Is my site speed good?
  • 9. How accessible is my contact details?
  • 10. How much content do I have and is it all relevant?

Are my services or products changing?

If your services or products are drastically changing, or you are adding new ones, you might consider a website redesign to support the new additions.

How good is my traffic and is it being analysed? 

It is important to make sure your site is being tracked by Google Analytics so you can see what type of traffic reaches your website. If you are not receiving a lot of traffic it could be due to disqualified traffic meaning your visitors bounce off your website immediately or spend less that 12 seconds there.

That traffic can be caused from poor quality keywords which are keywords that don’t show correctly what your business is about or what it’s services are. Some of these keywords might even be irrelevant and have no relation to your business. It is important to study your visitors and make sure your information is as clear as possible.

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Principles of a good website

Principles of a good website

Lightbulbs with different colour papers as the bulb - content

1. Content and Usability 

Your site not only needs to look good but also needs to have visual hierarchy, in other words it needs to be in order. The most important content needs to be at the top of your page and should be viewed first to let your visitors know immediately what you are offering. Not only must your information be available to your visitors, it must be easily accessible. Content should always reflect your keyword strategy, incorporating your keywords in your content will help visitors find you on Google. Your content also needs to make sense and be relevant, irrelevant content will drive visitors away.

2. Design 

Creating a beautiful, unique website is the first step in earning new customers and keeping your visitors on your site. Your website needs to be visually inviting. Your colour schemes, fonts, headings and layout need to all come together to form a good looking website and keep visitors scrolling through your page. Your links and URLS must be well thought of and linked to all the correct pages or posts.

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